Time Management: Managing Schedules and Timelines

TIME MANAGEMENT: MANAGING SCHEDULES AND TIMELINES 1 Day workshops Enrol into Workshop Time management is an important aspect of everyday life. It sounds obvious, and a lot of people feel they already have great time management skills, but there are a number of advantages for those who excel in good time management, that end up […]

Team Building Excellence

Team Building Excellence 1 Day workshops Enrol into Workshop If you want to have a team oriented environment, you need to be a team leader; you need to learn how to gain the trust and respect of your employees before team work can ever exist. Being a good team leader requires motivational skills, coaching skills […]

Sales Negotiations

SALES NEGOTIATIONS MADE EASY 1 Day workshops Enrol into Workshop This is a 2 day workshop that concentrates on developing and strengthening the specific sales negotiation skill levels of your salespeople, an essential component to help maintain profitable lasting client interactions. This hands-on seminar will utilize the use of videotaping role plays, exercises, games and […]

Professional Selling Skills

PROFESSIONAL SELLING SKILLS 1 Day workshops Enrol into Workshop No matter how phenomenal your merchandise or service are, or how gifted your sales team are, they’ll not be capable to attain a deal with your customer if they don’t know how to determine their buying needs to match potential buyers with products or services best […]

Planning and Developing New Products

PLANNING AND DEVELOPING NEW PRODUCTS 1 Day workshops Enrol into Workshop One of the major subjects which some product organizations tussle with is Product Planning. It period which includes a wide range of activities including business plan, product strategy, product map, portfolio design, opportunity proposals, project planning and measurement, and project evaluation. Throughout this workshop […]

Market Research: The Right Data makes the Right Decision

MARKET RESEARCH: THE RIGHT DATA MAKES THE RIGHT DECISION 1 Day workshops Enrol into Workshop When you manufacture a product without a target audience, you are taking a big financial gamble, yet we see this happen even time. And why, lack of market research. The need for solid market research is crucial in so many […]

Social Network & Multi-Media Marketing

Social Network & Multi-Media Marketing 1 Day workshops Enrol into Workshop Did you know, more folks check Facebook or log in to YouTube more each day than listen to the radio receiver or read a newsprint. If you aren’t reining in the great power of social media you are overlooking away on a enormous sales […]

Listening Skills: Developing Strong Working Relationships with Better

DEVELOPING STRONG WORKING RELATIONSHIPS WITH BETTER COMMUNICATION 1 Day workshops Enrol into Workshop Communicating our desire, emotions, opinions and thought openly and efficiently is only a part of the communication process. Listening and understanding makes up the other 50%, the more important 50% when you interact with another person. When you interact with another, the […]

Key Account Managers: Prospect More Clients, Retain More Clients

Key Account Managers: Prospect & Retain More Clients 1 Day workshops Enrol into Workshop The approach of a Key Account Specialist/Manager is to effectively sell and promote products and services for a company or organization. Oh yes, this may sound easy, but in fact it requires a dedicated strong visionary with sales skills to accomplish […]

Fundamentals of Marketing 101

FUNDAMENTALS OF MARKETING 101 TRAINING 1 Day workshops Enrol into Workshop In this two day intense workshop, participants will acquire abilities to discover and enforce raw skills and processes, capabilities for problem resolution and decision making, ability to intercommunicate effectively, theoretic and realistic professional knowledge in the marketing area of business also including the ability […]

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