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No matter how phenomenal your merchandise or service are, or how gifted your sales team are, they’ll not be capable to attain a deal with your customer if they don’t know how to determine their buying needs to match potential buyers with products or services best matched to their needs. To be prosperous & impressive in selling, your sales squad must be organized with all the indispensable and proper sales techniques and knowledge before they go on their sales appointment. Your sales staff must recognize what to inquire & demonstrate during the sales appointment or call then effectively perform an appropriate plan, on-the-scene, or after the sales appointment. Without recognizing the proper processes and strategy in the selling process, nearly most sales efforts are ineffective. Most inexperience’s sales people rush to the bottom line sale, without realizing the power of building rapport. This two day workshop will build upon your professional sales skills to the point where you can effectively “sell” in almost any situation.


Revivifying Your Sales Plan and Plan of Attack
  • Evaluate and choose target area markets most expected to purchase your products and servicing
  • Apply strategically mapping out to detect competition “holes” and with success fill them
  • Interpret the dangers of four discrete company emergence choices
Supercharging Your Sales Efficiency and Potency
  • Distinguish the trade-offs between sales efficiency and strength
  • Measure the professional selling skill sets expected for all fresh business strategy
  • Realize how to handle your sales action levels and how these degrees touch on your general sales success
Time and Territory Direction Management
  • Detect fresh ways to handle your time effectively
  • Formulate a personal time and district plan
  • Discover the four sales trends and how to alter your plan of attack
Networking Your Sales Route
  • Model your sales networking strategy
  • Formulate your successful sales scripts
  • Palpate self-confidence near potential buyers
  • Condition potential contacts for the following step
  • Apply professional selling skills to heighten networking potency
Social Networking
  • Formulate an ongoing social networking scheme
  • Create a persuasive profile with descriptive style
  • Form and maintain a virtual electronic network
  • Utilizing hand-selected groups to present your expertise
  • Interpret rules of thumb for posting and selling online
  • Discover how to better your professional selling skills via your social electronic network
  • Take advantage on your electronic network to link up with potential customers and referral references
  • Learn the benefits of steady updates and twitter “tweets”
  • Advance the value of your electronic network via electronic mail marketing
Innovative Questioning processes = greater Closing ranks
  • Pick up four types of queries that raise sales success
  • Produce questions to address six operative areas of questioning
  • See how analogies could serve or warrant a purchase
  • Find out why questioning is the center professional selling skill for fulfilled salespeople
Sales Dialogues
  • Empathize why people negotiate
  • Find out your own negotiation manner
  • Originate strategies to carry on with price dialogues
  • Create low-cost, high-value yielding for your negotiations
  • Discover which negotiation processes are suitable for diverse situations
  • Receive a real negotiation and examine your negotiating artistry
  • Formulating successful proposals
  • Find established strategies for minimizing helpless and unneeded proposals
  • Translate your proposals into customer-centered, profits proposals
  • Exercise your proposals as a sales tool
  • Promote your closing rank with the pre-proposal critical review process
Enhancing your Demonstration Skillset
  • Find out techniques of guaranteeing you match and surpass your buyer or audiences’ motives
  • Rapidly distinguish who’s decision-making ability and shape their buying path
  • Find strategies for merchandising to different groupings with different orders of business
  • Determine how to efficaciously structure a demonstration
  • Foster research the profits of team merchandising
  • Fight stage fear with comfortable processes
  • Search professional selling accomplishments demonstration aids such as multimedia system, presentations and handouts
  • Realize the VII basic demonstration errors and how to deflect them
  • Discover the perfect blend of demonstration versus interaction and grouping discussion
  • Implement the 6 habits of flourishing presenters
  • Exercise your vocalization for supreme impact
  • Fend off the 8 deadly sins that position audiences to slumber
  • Receive established strategies for minimizing doomed and unneeded tenders and proposals
During this workshop we will use a combination of abstract demonstration, role-plays, exercises & break away session discussion, participants are capable to formulate skill sets to address with selling consequences in imaginative methods that heighten their personal potency as well for that of their team members.


This workshop is best suited for sales amateurs, or experienced sales people interested in heightening their selling skills. We recommend this workshop for the following roles: Sales Managers, Supervisors, Officers, Directors and any sales or marketing staff.


Experienced salespeople fail to realize that the product or service they are trying to sell is not the only one a customer is considering which is why rapport building is now more often a stronger sales approach. With competition stronger than ever an experienced salespeople must have strong skill sets and be competent not only in their sales ability but also at facilitating the integration of their products, services and company into a general conversation with a client.


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Course Fee: $795 per person        

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