Why consider on-site GROUP TRAINING

When we have LARGE groups to train, from the same company, this is where you benefit.

In the event of COVID Or Local Municipal Restrictions We also Offer Virtual Webinar Based Video Learning

Not only do we offer discounted rates for groups of 4 or more persons, we ensure the learning dynamics from a large group of persons add to the impact of the training. When you use our training for large groups, we also waive our alter course fee (usually a $200 to $400 fee) to insert 2 to 3 real life work situations or issues, unique to your environment FREE into the training topic you chose.

This is what set us apart from all the other training companies.

Adds to more discussions of work relevant situations, and allows time for problem-resolution at the day of training.

Training exercises, or practice exercises for new skill/theory application are addressed unique to your work environment. Results in a higher new skills learned to back on the job application..

By having one company utilizing our training, the application of new skills and techniques create one new theme, one new way of doing business that all persons agree to.

 Long tenured, gifted, and creative staff to assure every workshop exceeds customer expectations.

We add value to each training by providing well-researched, best practices that relate to your business situations in class.

To make training stick when participants go back to their workplace, each and every participant creates an action plan of what they will do differently in 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month and thus be accountable to themselves and their managers.

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