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Wireless devices are growing each day in their importance of being a training medium for the busy person on the go. But is it for everybody and is it effective. Only you can be the judge of what training medium best suits your lifestyle and your attention span. One of the great things about wireless and handheld mobile training is that they have the means to push and pull information and data to and from any person on that learning environment, especially from the point of view of Iphones and Blackberry’s. A mobile device’s ability to connect and then instantly sync to another allows training records to be updated instantly and for training to be instant and interactive as well.

To keep up with present trends and customer expectations for personal training, we are always expanding our training to compliment today’s technology.

Please ask us if you request specific mobile handheld training.

We are continually working on various training and certification tests for live online handheld application where test scores can be sent to a computer at our head office, or to an email of your choice.

If you wish to contact us to discuss your handheld, or e-learning needs, send us an email

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