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Did you know, more folks check Facebook or log in to YouTube more each day than listen to the radio receiver or read a newsprint. If you aren’t reining in the great power of social media you are overlooking away on a enormous sales and profitability opportunity. Numerous businesses parachute into social media without a clear-cut route to achieve success or neglect to plan a plan of attack for alternatives. Most people simply do not know how to set about a social media plan strategically, not known to them because of social marketing being a new way of modern business, as a beginner in this field you are unaware of best practices and case analyses that can place you on the course to success. Success in social media marketing world is not easy, let me make that clear, however once it is, the financial rewards are huge. Lets face it you have your local market, country market and the world market one click away.


This is an intensive 9am to 6pm workshop where you will obtain a strong foundation in mobile marketing basic principles, and as well learn and conceptualize social media marketing for your company or business. We will engross you in case studies and learn the best practices to help you interpret their application to your online business concepts.
In the first half of the day you will learn about Social Media Marketing
  • What is social media, social marketing, social networking –How can that impact your business
  • Aligning your offline and online marketing plan
  • Strategizing and building a successful social media marketing plan
  • Measuring the impact of Facebook, LinkedIn, Business Blogging, YouTube, Twitter, Geo Location Marketing, Forums/Review Sites on your business
  • Tabulating and comparing your social marketing business results against your competitors
Please note that this portion of the day is intensive, and a full co-operation of participants for interaction and Q & A opportunites are expected.
In the 2nd part of the day, we will focus on Mobile Marketing:
  • Understanding Mobile Technology, Mobile Commerce, and the implications of current societal trends
  • Utilizing Mobile Strategy and Marketing Development Techniques
  • Challenging the Impact of the App
  • Location Based Marketing
  • Barcoding and your mobile unit
Please note that this portion of the day is intensive, and a full co-operation of participants for interaction and Q & A opportunites are expected.


This session is for:
This workshop is aimed at brand developers, companies or organisations who are looking to build an all-embracing business plunge into the world of mobile marketing and social media marketing. We invite Marketing Managers, online or offline, who are new to social media marketing.


The inclusion of blogs, internet forums, internet groups, and social networks into our society has permanently altered online selling and the manner we do business. In this newfangled online world of business, the product brand is only one among millions of brands online and the challenge is this online marketing of your brand, product or service amongst millions of competitors globally, or tens of thousands local competitors.
Mobile technology has transformed not only our personal communications, but has also changed the potential on how we can market products, advertise products, and pay for them. Look around in your daily life, people are using mobile technologies as they travel, as they commute to work, as they eat their lunch making mobile technology and the marketing of products a highly profitable new business niche.


Quotes provided are for immediate city area only. Rates will change for training locations outside city area.

Course Fee: $795 per person        

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Satisfaction Guaranteed:

We fully guarantee the content and quality of this workshop. If at the second break-time provided by the facilitator, you are not completely satisfied with this course, we will refund your money in full. No questions asked!

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