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This is a 2 day workshop that concentrates on developing and strengthening the specific sales negotiation skill levels of your salespeople, an essential component to help maintain profitable lasting client interactions. This hands-on seminar will utilize the use of videotaping role plays, exercises, games and individual skills reviews to encourage skill growth in participants. Our main goals are to help them communicate, negotiate and manage tough negotiation conditions more effectively.
Specific focus is given towards the planning and implementation of 1-on-1 and team negotiation. With our training, your staff will be able to manage 1-on-1 or telephone negotiation situations with a greater confidence and a constructive impact.


  • Increase efficiency in strategic, tactical, telephone and one-on one sales negotiation
  • Conditions to maximize profit through well-structured and executed interactive negotiations
  • Efficiency in negotiating for the position of long lasting value over cheaper rate
  • Efficiency in managing customers communication and their attitude during and after tough negotiations
  • Comprehend their value, price their worth, sell their value and negotiate terms and conditions that will permit you to leave cash on the desk.
  • Create customer relationships by establishing results that will benefit all parties in a negotiation conditions (building deal bundles)
  • Eradicate inconsequential disagreement and deadlock in negotiations (5 phases)
  • Enhance the concentration from negotiation tactics to planning and strategy during the reinforcing core corporate values
  • Concentrate on the interest and issues and not take unsafe positions
  • Know that customers normally prefer their own interest and how to make use of that knowledge to influence negotiation results.
  • Know how through sales negotiation training, how to enhance sales margins and ending ratios
  • Influence the point of view of your customers towards your product’s cost, benefit and value to them
  • Foresee buyer attitude and use it to your advantage
  • Create your integrity with the client
  • Create confidence-building skills that will enable you take control of sales negotiation
  • Be prepared to balance your price when creating price specifications
  • Utilize resourceful advantages to oppose competitive offers



As with any job, there are things that each salesperson needs to know about their selling environment, however one of the key components, sales negotiation is usually left out of the equation. Then when the time comes for the salesperson to be involved a standoff negotiation situation, the salesperson is crippled not having these skills. Salespeople are too often handicapped not training themselves on the art of negotiating. Too often they deal with only pricing policies and a sales contract.


Quotes provided are for immediate city area only. Rates will change for training locations outside city area.

Course Fee: $795 per person        

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Satisfaction Guaranteed:

We fully guarantee the content and quality of this workshop. If at the second break-time provided by the facilitator, you are not completely satisfied with this course, we will refund your money in full. No questions asked!

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