We build eLearning modules to suit your corporate needs

We take passion in developing practical yet interactive learning experiences that have the power to change employee/management behavior and in turn impact performance. Our main purpose in eLearning development is to work with a potential client so that we understand what type of training context they require, what type of audience it will be created for, what corporate performance goals need to be impacted so that we align the eLearning content with specific corporate objectives for maximum sustainability in both the short and long-term.

Our eLearning Course Development

We do not limit ourselves to the types of eLearning modules we can create, whether it be learning strategies, information assessment surveys, a company history promo, online learning games, online training needs analysis tools, we have the resources and the talent to create exactly what you need. What’s important to remember is that we provide interaction in all our eLearning courses, because without this element, behavioral change will not happen.

How we differ from the competition

And this is what makes us unique. At no extra charge, we provide you with a 1 hour phone consultation, up to 90 days after the implementation of any eLearning module in your company. We provide this value added service so that as your corporate needs change, we can evaluate the effectiveness of the eLearning solution and then recommend any changes in content to maintain expected performance outcomes.

At that time, our development team may even recommend the implementation of newer technologies or new methodologies to be added into the eLearning module to further enhance the learner’s experience.

Please take a moment and give us a call or email us, we can help.

Listed below is a list of what we can provide you in an eLearning course/program:
A Focused Learning Strategy & Design – well researched with your company, documenting any specific corporate training goals, including impactful graphics, animation where needed.
Professional Design & Development standards – promoting interaction through online assessments, quizzes, or quick pop up reminders.
Every eLearning project is viewed to integrate with your training curriculum, your IT system requirements.

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