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When you manufacture a product without a target audience, you are taking a big financial gamble, yet we see this happen even time. And why, lack of market research. The need for solid market research is crucial in so many facets of business. It involves understanding your competition even before you design, produce or even launch a product. Marketing is more than even a very competitive marketplace and its takes all lot of time and effort to understand it. First time business owners have realized the hurt of non-success and the excitement in success. Developing what is a marketing strategy of the day is changing consistently so in order to combat this you must be flexible to the needs of your audience, their demographics and what global marketplace they reside in. This is where this workshop can help you.


This workshop offers you with an evaluation of your current marketing research (mr) techniques so that you are able to conduct the research, direct your research staff or handle any research companies that create research data for you. The objectives of this workshop are to how you that making decisions with no data all , or even limited data can be disasterous, a disaster for which you are accountable.
  • Clarify the benefit in directing investigative research to explain the research situation
  • Gather a combination of data to rebuild mr problems
  • Organize, perform, and evaluate mini focus groups
  • Establish tactics to increase print or online survey responses
  • Distinguish between conditions that indicate the need for surveys or observational direct
  • research.
  • Establish and perform small surveys
  • Scaling Techniques
  • Questionnaire strategies
  • Suggest the perfect sampling techniques for problems
  • Conducting standard research data and summarizing your outcome
  • Creating a market research Executive Summary Report
  • Questionnaire strategies
  • Suggest the perfect sampling techniques for problems
  • Conducting standard research data and summarizing your outcome
  • Creating a market research Executive Summary Report
Extended Workshop Outline
Section 1: Marketing Research
  • What is Marketing Research
  • Understanding the Marketing Research Cycle
  • Marketing Research vs. Marketing Decision Making
  • Defining the Root Cause Problems
  • Research Questions
  • Basic Research Design and the Types of Research
Section 2: Data Research
  • Understanding secondary and primary data
  • Use and sources of secondary and primary data
  • Focus Group Use
Section 3: Research Method Choices
  • Survey Methods
  • Which Survey Method is best
  • Observational Methods
  • Choosing a Surveys or Observation Research
Section 4: Measurement Scaling
  • Primary Scales of Measurement
  • Scale Evaluation
  • Questionnaire Design
Section 5: Data Sampling
  • The Sampling Design Cycle
  • Non probability & Probability Sampling
  • Internet Data Sampling
Section 6: Data Analysis
  • Data Collection
  • Data Preparation
  • Data Analysis
  • Report Writing: Research Results



Market Research has a wealth of importance in today’s e-world. Only the best marketers discover more about their prospective clients in terms of who they are and what they want through the long lost art of person to person contact. Only the best marketers are able to identify opportunities by thoroughly checking their competition in terms of something to capitalize on, what can you achieve more than they are. Only the best marketers reduce risk by simply being prepared.


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