The Employee Manager Relationship

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The manager-employee relationship has a significant influence on employee-manager performance in any organization. Unfortunately, that’s why some companies ignore the emphasis of training to help managers create a connection with their staff.
If you reviewed exit-interviews, the research demonstrates that some employees abandon their work solely because of their managers. This all-essential interaction often is not reviewed or considered a top priority in most organizations, it is just accepted.


  • This workshop centers on the business and operational significance of the manager-employee relationship. In this intense 1 day workshop, both managerial and non-managerial employees will be able to:
  • Apply easy strategies to evaluate their development needs
  • Recognize the gap between their skill and competency levels and available training strategies/resources
  • How to handle both personal and job related learning needs
  • How to improve and inspire various “types of performers” using a motivational matrix
  • How you can manage or participate in inspirational meetings
  • Utilize a high range of feedback skills to encourage staff thinking and learning
  • Use coaching techniques of leadership to customize your staff morale and arouse learning
  • The development of employee talent is important for your organization’s survival.
  • Providing Positive Performance evaluation and understand performance gaps
  • Identify current positive and negative situations and how you and your employee can resolve them
  • Enhance your own skills, knowledge and attitude towards learning
  • How to create an agreement on motivational development plans
  • Developing an environment where people can grow
  • Know the qualities and talent of an efficient contributor
  • How to stimulate and inspire capable and non capable learners
  • Support and nurturing of peer evaluation and collective learning
  • Motivating feedback discussions that yields results
  • Establishing goal setting to aid in a individual’s development
  • Learn how to conduct a successful coaching meeting
  • Supporting your employees to recognize their own learning style
  • Develop the conditions so that employees may discover solutions to their own problems
  • Empowering your staff


One of the reasons why we create positive employee-manager relationships is that it enables the team to become supportive towards each other as a functioning business unit. For managers, spending time developing these relationships shows that we are with our team, such that they know that their input is respected, appreciative and regarded. An employee’s contribution that is not respected or even noted, limits an employee from being a full team member in the next project. Good managers have knowledge of this and at times swallow their pride by allowing their employees to express their opinions and feel part of the team, and part of the department.


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