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A successful and thriving sales manager knows that the outcome generated from a teamwork environment is much greater than an individual result. Therefore, the concentration of effort should be on improving a company’s most valued asset, their people. But even before this, one must look at the type of sales people that they are hiring for specific sales positions. Are they qualified? Do they have the necessary skills and competencies to professionally represent your company? They are questions that we look at in this workshop, as we deal into the recruiting, educating and training of sales staff.


  • Employ, pick, coach and improve your staff into top performing salespeople.
  • Find out the best way to train your staff when every salesperson and situation is different.
  • Discover the actions required from you by your team, to show how a sales person can be developed into a leader.
  • Turn out to be more effective at vitalizing senior-tenured “stuck-in-a-rut.” salespeople
  • Time Management techniques for better work/life balance.
  • Get back to work with an action plan in matter of 90-day for greater individual and team results.
  • Realistic, proven techniques for sales management success, with metrics to run your business more efficiently and profitably
  • Rebuilding your sales staff – teach them what you wish them to achieve with their time – and create a reason to support your actions and direction.
  • How to handle your top sales managers with your management team
  • Increase the productivity and confidence of your sales force by developing the abilities of your
  • sales managers and each sales force team member.
  • Establish a mutual language for successful sales management leadership.
  • New time management tools so that your sales managers have more time to achieve the most vital things
  • Dealing with customers – Does your staff have the skills needed to deal with the shoppers of today (questioning techniques, body language, internet shopping).
  • How Attitude, Skills, Knowledge affect your sales performance


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Course Fee: $795 per person        

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