Business to Business: Key Marketing Strategies

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One of the many reasons for the popularity of B2B sales and B2B service selling is volume, while another reason may be simply that some business realize the importance of B2B selling in these fast paced times. An individual, a customer, may visit a clothing distributor or manufacturer’s website, view the inventory then order two pairs of shoes or a sweater. On the same website however, a buyer for a national chain of clothing stores, may then order 5,000 shoes and 3,000 sweaters. So, without a B2B component built into their business, the manufacturer could have lost out on very lucrative sales. Here is we can help you improve your B2B process so that you can fully profit from today’s online and offline business environments.
This workshop will help you understand the major uniqueness and differences between B2B and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing, online and offline. By identifying current best practices in the field of B2B marketing, you will be able to contribute more effectively to the marketing process within your organisation. This workshop will also allow you to acquire a foundation of B2B marketing principles that can be applied in your workplace.


  • Apply the basic concepts and principles of B2B marketing.
  • How you can effectively segment your customers and position your organisation in the marketplace.
  • Understanding your markets and customers: offline and online.
  • Manage your customer relationship management practices more effectively.
  • Ensure good customer retention management practices.
  • Commission splitting.
  • How to create a building value sales force.
  • Understand product, service, marketing and channel management.
  • Developing an effective marketing, and social marketing mix.
  • Identifying opportunities in B2B marketing.
  • Building the relationship between marketing and sales.
  • Enhancing the marketing activities to profit your organisation.
  • Deleting unprofitable components of your business.
  • Sharpening up your product development time to market.
  • Understand your market better than your competitors.
  • Cloning successful components of your business in additional markets.
  • Improving the speed of inter-office and mobile communication.
  • Facilitating enhanced and more specific communication between customers and suppliers.
  • Experience higher customer retention rates and lower client acquisition costs.


Any job position who is engaged in business to business interactions, or within department to supplier business interactions


B2B Sales is expanding exponentionally each year and while some companies are merely jumping on the bandwagon to catch up with their competitors, you can allow this workshop to shape your business into a dominant B2B force in the marketplace. Your choice.


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