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The most encouraging part is that value-added selling ability is a learnable attitude. Learning how to build value in a product or service can each be learned but it also has to be sincere and not a cheap salesperson tactic to make a sale. Once you learn how to add value in what you are offering or promoting, sales people can further develop this skill and attitude and gain customers for life.
Our Value Added Selling Coaching program is an outstanding opportunity for salespeople, or any person who promotes a product or service, who do not want to focus solely on price making a sale, but for those who wish to create a lasting association with their clients for life. This workshop gives you a complete outline on how to build value in what you are offering or promoting. This workshop focuses on typical sales and advertising cycles in the prospecting, positioning, welcoming, needs discovery, product/service demonstration, negotiation and closing stages to name a few.
This workshop will help you improve your feature and benefits positioning techniques, as well as your sales and product/service presentation techniques. We will show you how to modify your customer interaction techniques to better enhance your understanding of various personality types and how to connect to them.


  • Learn how value influences each person’s psychological buying characteristics differently then sell only the value they see important to them
  • Comprehend and conquer a person’s decision making process.
  • Understand your client’s mindset.
  • Recognize the value expectations for each of your customers
  • Identify different value expectations for different levels of your organization and your clients.
  • Asking powerful Needs Discovery questions
  • Add “value statements” into sales messages/interactions.
  • Recognize personal and professional buying motives.
  • Understand corporate and key financial ratios.
  • Learn how to build a value added selling/promotion plan
  • Perform successful Value Added Selling (recorded on video).
  • Create value added statements about your proposals, your company, and yourself.
  • Analyze and rebuild your value/F&B practices and techniques
  • Understand Relationship Selling and Value Added Selling
  • Establish a progressive plan on how to develop your Value Added
  • selling/promotional skills and abilities.
  • Each attendee will also be provided with a personal coaching on particular improvement/interest section important to them.


Each attendee will also be provided a personal coaching session to discuss a specific improvement/interest/current work situation that is important to them


Building value in your products or services is a huge opportunity for any organization whose goal is to manage and increase their market share and position. By adding value in what you do, and what you can offer a prospective client, your clients will notice this professionalism, as compared to the competition. They may even surprise you by making referrals or even compliment your manager on your mannerism and salesmanship. People who create a system that support major sales behaviours, and who tutor their sales people, ultimately inspire them to constantly develop their expertise will be those who emerge to the top as value-added sellers.


Quotes provided are for immediate city area only. Rates will change for training locations outside city area.

Course Fee: $795 per person        

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Satisfaction Guaranteed:

We fully guarantee the content and quality of this workshop. If at the second break-time provided by the facilitator, you are not completely satisfied with this course, we will refund your money in full. No questions asked!

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