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Haven’t you heard about this before? For any company to become more industrious and to distinguish itself through originality, the right fit of people has to be involved in the management and the organizational structure. Both parts are important but it appears we normally give so much attention to the star CEO rather than recognizing that management and their team members, their personnel are truly the success stories.
This intensive workshop concentrates on the skills required for a manager to be efficient in their role, and for their team to excel as well. During this workshop, we get you to understand and consider your innate abilities, talents and potential weaknesses to stay effective and get long term advantages within your position and with team members. Learn how self-control and self-discipline are required in every leader.
Many managers today are known to already have leadership skills, and need less training and orientation to successfully perform complex tasks and set effective and efficient goals.


  • Tactics to enhance achievement of efficient goals
  • Personality features of a successful manager and team leader
  • How to develop scheduling, and time management skills
  • Understand the reason why people ignore setting goals
  • Building powerful team members within your department and inter-departmentally
  • How to support your staff to attain their goals
  • Learn how to manage and resolve conflict
  • Designation – Empowerment – Procrastination
  • What you should and shouldn’t delegate
  • Manager ‘A’ and Manager ‘B’ – When to use each style
  • Do you manage your time or does time manage you – reactionary vs. proactive.
  • Management Prioritizing & Development Quadrant Managing daily stress.
  • Different ways of controlling stress
  • Factors which generate stress
  • Fundamental Leadership behavior
  • Leadership vs. Administration vs. Management
  • Evaluate your current leadership approach
  • How to inspire your team
  • Interaction and Body Language for Executives
  • How to take care of relationships
  • Modifying your language & body language – verbal and non-verbal overtones
  • Interior vs. exterior motivation
  • Understanding the Laws of Inspiration and the Laws of the Universe.
  • The Workshop includes Thought Provoking Self-Assessment




There are several kinds of managers, but to truly reap the benefits of being a manager, you have to understand basic management skills. You will find that life inside and outside the workplace becomes more fulfilling as you master the different characteristics of your job.


Quotes provided are for immediate city area only. Rates will change for training locations outside city area.

Course Fee: $795 per person        

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We fully guarantee the content and quality of this workshop. If at the second break-time provided by the facilitator, you are not completely satisfied with this course, we will refund your money in full. No questions asked!

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