Negotiation Skills 101

1 Day workshops

Welcome to Negotiation Training 101 where you will have the chance to learn and put into practice business to business and person to person negotiating skills in a secure and amicable environment. You will dynamically take part in a number of development practices intended at sharpening your current negotiation skills with the ultimate goal of efficiently expanding your talent into a skilled negotiator.


  • The benefit and economic influence of good negotiations
  • How to identify a good negotiation environment; Adversarial or Cooperative
  • Planning your negotiation stance
  • Negotiation/Goals objectives setting
  • How to manage your opposition
  • Handling and dissecting information
  • Your individual power and how to boost it
  • The negotiation at hand; how to identify their methods, their stance, and their objectives and how to handle them
  • Negotiation Communications: Spoken, written, verbal and non-verbal
  • Common errors made in negotiation and how to keep away from them
  • Comprehending the intended outcome of all partners
  • Recognize and oppose negotiation plans
  • Handle difficult negotiations with demanding parties
  • Recognize and oppose negotiation plans
  • Enhance your negotiation techniques from maintaining value to creating value
  • Comprehend how extensive sharing of both parties’ insight can improve the results


Any persons involved in a sales, counselling, training, or position where you are required to listen to a persons needs or concerns.


When two parties are involved in a negotiation, they both work towards their own amicable result. But to do so, they both must communicate to each other what solution is acceptable to both. Sounds easy, well it’s not, especially when you deal with veteran negotiators who know every technique in the book. In a negotiation, arguments are not negotiated, only solutions and proposals. Workplace negotiation and home negotiation with the significant other is very much identical. In both cases, negotiating is an art, a very delicate step by step process where a master plan must be created before the negotiation actually gets underway, and even while it is going on.


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