Handling Difficult Situations

HANDLING DIFFICULT SITUATIONS & CUSTOMERS 1 Day workshops Enrol into Workshop The customer service department is always the first line of communication a customer has with an organization. Every customer service department representative is required to be an expert in dealing with their job and handling of a customer. In order to retain the standard […]

Listening Skills: Developing Strong Working Relationships

LISTENING SKILLS: DEVELOPING STRONG WORKING RELATIONSHIPS WITH BETTER COMMUNICATION 1 Day workshops Enrol into Workshop Communicating our desire, emotions, opinions and thought openly and efficiently is only a part of the communication process. Listening and understanding makes up the other 50%, the more important 50% when you interact with another person. When you interact with […]

Handling Workplace Negativity

HANDLING WORKPLACE NEGATIVITY: PLANNING AND MANAGING CORPORATE CHANGE 1 Day workshops Enrol into Workshop Negativity has turned out to be an addiction. Unimpeded negative talk, activity, and thoughts can uphold a person or group of persons. It turns into habit when a direct action is not taken by a colleague or executive to keep control […]

Business Etiquette, Communication Skills & Email Etiquette

Business Etiquette, Communication Skills & Email Etiquette 1 Day workshops Enrol into Workshop Knowing how to close a deal, or gain commitment from other departments is crucial. Proper business etiquette should but not always is part of a productive business relationship or environment. Companies that are involved in an international business will discover that proper […]

Business Communications 101

Business Communications 101 1 Day workshops Enrol into Workshop Business communication is very essential in establishing a successful business. Proper business communication gives us a clear understanding on how to verbally and non-verbally associate with each other in a business environment. Proper business communication, as in writing skills, can even educate you by showing you […]

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