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Training and facilitation embodies a intriguing even gratifying experience. It allows a person to blend a interlacing mixture of knowledge, skills, positions and intuition together to train a new skill or topic, especially to people who have taken numerous training classes already. The knowledge may be acquired by interpreting material from a training and coaching context and then applying to the needs of one, or the needs of many in a training environment. The skills can be improved by practicing and applying new skill sets back at your work environment. But even before this can happen, it is the cognitive and training skills of the facilitator that allows this to happen. It is the facilitator, not the content of the training that guages that whether a training class has been beneficial or not, no matter the content. Let’s face it we have been at many trainings with excellent superb, highly touted organizations, but the facilitation of the lecture was not good, hence you didnt walk away with anything new. This workshop builds on the experience of a facilitator and takes them to a new level of facilitation


With SkillsTrainingToronto, to maximize the impact of instructional techniques training, each participant adopts the functions of both instructor and the participant. During the workshop training attendees are expected to engage actively as the participants learn both sides of being a participant and being an instructor. We focus on that cross-over feedback to allow instructors to understand expectations of both the instructor and the learner.

  • Work intimately with class participants to improve instructional techniques and their impact
  • Exercise a variety of instructional techniques and their use in the classroom
  • Increase awareness of participatory learning concepts
  • Link with other instructors in the classroom and learn from their range of training disciplines
  • Experience the diverseness of a modern-day classroom
  • Distinguish the importance of building a advantageous learning surroundings
  • Gain knowledge of your own self as a facilitator – the good and the bad practices Further specifically, you’ll exercise:
  • Applying learning targets or expressive consequences to inform particpants of both the instructor and learner expectations while considering the varying needs of learners
  • Penning functional, practical lessons designs
  • Guiding participatory examples to maximize the training impact
  • Utilizing queries and queries sequences efficaciously during a training session
  • Employing primary techniques to quiz for maximising the learning expereince Bringing about and obtaining constructive classroom feedback discussions


Instructors, Facilitators, Meeting Facilitators


Only the best of the best facilitators have the capacities to invent methods quickly in a training classroom which allow participants to become active contributors eliminating passive learners from not learning new skill sets and a new way of looking at workplace issues or concerns. For a training classroom to hit their mark, and to make the most all participants take a new skill back to their workplace to benefit their role, a strong facilitator has sound instruction techniques allowing the learner to learn.


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Course Fee: $795 per person        

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We fully guarantee the content and quality of this workshop. If at the second break-time provided by the facilitator, you are not completely satisfied with this course, we will refund your money in full. No questions asked!

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