1 Day workshops


  • An overview and elaborate benefit abstract of relationship selling, marketing and customer service
  • Twelve components of retention & why it’s so crucial to keep customers
  • Assessing your current culture, resources and enterprises and discovering gaps
  • How to establish long-term relationships between your company and your customers – the keystone to business organisation profitability
  • Specifying your company’s CRM commitment objectives, inhibitors and precedence’s
  • Centering on employee relations, motivation and inducements on grounding in-house CRM programmes
  • Identifying and producing a profile of your important clients as well as your unrewarding or unprofitable clients
  • 4 key footmarks to following through with a CRM program and how your company will: 1) place the importance of its customers, 2) how they distinguish their clients one from another, 3) how your staff and management interact with clients and 4) tailor-make aspects of product or services to conform to your client needs
  • A regenerated focus upon retaining clients instead of about merely ‘bringing in the sale’
  • An understanding of how to produce methods and strategies for a customer-centric organization
  • Understanding a customer-their economic value in your industry
  • How to increase business sector profitability
  • Marketing, sales and advertising ideas for retaining customers that could be enforced right away
  • Knowledge about how to acquire long-term loyalty, CRM and bonus programs
  • How you can evolve your attitude for more beneficial dealings with your active customers
  • Have enhanced sales by better timing of foreseeing needs founded on historical trends
  • Identify motivations more effectively by realizing specific buyer requirements
  • Cross-sell other merchandises by spotlighting and evoking alternatives or enhancements
  • Point out which clients are advantageous and which are not
  • Utilize effective directed marketing communications directed specifically at buyer needs
  • Using a more face-to-face approach and the evolution of fresh or improved products and services ready to acquire more business in the future


  • All persons who deal with customer interactions
  • All companies who deal with many competitors
  • Salespersons
  • Small and medium sized businesspersons


With so many businesses competing for customers, customers expect more than ever from companies. They expect to be treated fairly, they expect to buy a good product or use a good service. It seems like rocket science but you would be surprised on how many companies feel that they are doing well, but when you ask their customers, they are ready to move on to a competitor. Treat a customer well, treat them fairly and they will remain a customer. Treat them unfairly, your competition will now profit.


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