Administrative Support: Ensuring Corporate Admin Excellence

1 Day workshops


  • Become an expert in Change and Management Skills.
  • Become an expert in Change and Management Skills.
  • Discover your position on the management team.
  • Educate yourself to attain growth.
  • Find out what it entails to become a change master.
  • Tuning up your group skills.
  • Balance business goals with administrative support goals.
  • Evaluate your leader/manager interest in the group.
  • Create your management team’s precedence for.
  • Handling Conflicts.
  • Utilizing a persuasive manner and negotiation skills to create a profitable result from disagreements.
  • Resolve workplace disagreements.
  • 5 methods for handling tough people.
  • Establish measure to validate your risk/value priorities.
  • Arrange your projects with smart charts.
  • Resolve instant /crucial dilemma.
  • Eradicate awful time wasters.
  • Make use of task maps to handle multi loads.
  • Implement & develop personal influences to present scheme or plan negotiations.
  • Put to practice new techniques for effective meeting management.
  • Review your colleagues.
  • Organizing numerous responsibilities.
  • Discover better ways to think on your feet with powerful tools.
  • Establish win-win resolution to create a constructive emotions on your team.
  • Become a tactical associate to your manager.
  • Find out different team player approach for more effective teamwork.
  • Deal your time and workload with higher time-management skills.
  • Interact with credibility.
  • Improve your appearance to help pursue a particular goals.
  • Build dynamic listening skills.
  • Maintain your own emotions and separate from others’ emotions.
  • Taking control of your work periods.
  • Simplify priorities to include team goals.


Any persons who perform an administrative, executive or supportive role in an organization.


With businesses expanding both offline and online, more and more responsibilities are being expected of divisional heads, and managerial positions. It is with these expansions that the opportunity to become an administrative or executive assistant is growing in importance and the need is becoming larger. As managerial jobs expand, and keep on expanding, there are numerous challenges and opportunities for you to use your administrative skills to expand with an organization. Just remember to be very organized, highly methodical, simple yet systematic and of course flawless in your work.


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Course Fee: $795 per person        

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