The Essence of a Good Interview

The Essence of a Good Interview 1 Day Or 2 Day workshops Enrol into Workshop Normally the perfect candidate for the job is not necessarily the one with the outstanding work experience or technical skills. A major part of being hired lies in having the soft skills needed and necessary for getting the job.Are you […]

Training Needs Analysis: Evaluation and Metrics

TRAINING NEEDS ANALYSIS: EVALUATION AND METRICS 1 Day Or 2 Day workshops Enrol into Workshop Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is used to evaluate an organization’s training requirements. The basis of the TNA is the gap analysis. This is known as an assessment of the gap between the current knowledge, skills and attitudes assessment that individuals […]


RECRUITING FOR SALES ROLES 1 Day workshops Enrol into Workshop A successful and thriving sales manager knows that the outcome generated from a teamwork environment is much greater than an individual result. Therefore, the concentration of effort should be on improving a company’s most valued asset, their people. But even before this, one must look […]

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