Professional Presentation Skills – Advanced

PROFESSIONAL PRESENTATION SKILLS – ADVANCED 1 Day Or 2 Day workshops Enrol into Workshop This advanced workshop is the next step from our introduction course Professional Presentation Skills 101. By learning how to effectively present reports, summaries, or even speak in meeting, you will now be able to increase your own self-worth, your own self-confidence […]

Professional Presentation Skills 101

Professional Presentation Skills 101 1 Day Or 2 Day workshops Enrol into Workshop A lot of people are normally scared and feel uneasy when they are speaking to a crowd or group of people even though they probably have the ability to astonish them. This panic leads to a poor performance especially in front of […]

Developing Successful E-Learning Training

Developing Successful E-Learning Training 1 Day workshops Enrol into Workshop Appropriate practice of e-learning design, development and application rationales including instructional conception, strategies and processes are the cornerstone for producing operative e-learning module development and subject matter. With advantageously configured subject matter, eLearning can help skills, competency and knowledge transfer over a big segment of […]

Advanced Instructional Techniques

Advanced Instructional Techniques 1 Day workshops Enrol into Workshop Training and facilitation embodies a intriguing even gratifying experience. It allows a person to blend a interlacing mixture of knowledge, skills, positions and intuition together to train a new skill or topic, especially to people who have taken numerous training classes already. The knowledge may be […]

Business Writing Skills 101

Business Writing Skills 101 1 Day workshops Enrol into Workshop Business communication is very essential in establishing a successful business. Proper business communication gives us a clear understanding on how to verbally and non-verbally associate with each other in a business environment. Proper business communication, as in writing skills, can even educate you by showing […]

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