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For you to know more about proper optimization you need to understand more about a search engine The activity of these search engines are very structured especially on website encounters each day. . They land at each webpage by one or other different means every day, and with over 4 billion websites online, this is a tedious task.
Each time a search engines gets to your company webpage, they will search for specific elements which may include the keywords you chose to enable a search engine to find you, or to find what you site offers. The search engine crawl determines specific criteria that should be present on your website for it to rank on a search engine result. Words used, webpage title, use of repetitive keywords, back links, the list goes on.
Website ranking is very crucial when it comes to consumers locating your website. Each moment they conduct a search with a keyword in connection to your business, it will show up in the search engine results pages, or by SERPs. Based on your keywords and the website content, your website will be displayed, in the search engine results, in order of its importance, based on the search engine crawl. This ranking can be maximize through the use of search engine optimization. This is where SEO comes into play. So you may now understand why you need search engine optimization. SEO allows you to place higher on search engine results, so with more traffic to your website, your business and search engine ranking will increase. Have you ever wondered why some of your competitors are on page 1 of Google, it is because they have pursued the importance of SEO.


  • Introduction to SEO (search engine optimization) and back links
  • Building and utilizing alt image attributes, text navigation menus, link titles, anchor text, website/webpage creation for SEO effectiveness, robot tags, creating an optimized graphic heavy web site, maximizing the link popularity your site, creating monthly Page Rank overviews,
  • Understanding Search Engine compatibility and how it relates to Web page file extensions.
  • Building a SEO’d web friendly site map.
  • Understanding paid advertising performance search engine options.
  • Evaluate your ROI of your SEO campaign.
  • Establishing a successful online SEO’d business.
  • Conducting successful link partnering initiatives.
  • Creating powerful SEO link descriptions for each webpage.
  • The importance of keyword selection.
  • The importance of creating articles, blogs, and wordpress webpage’s to promote your website.
  • The importance of the anchor text.
  • Building powerful back links to your website.
  • How to establish the link popularity of your site over long term basics.


  • Marketing executives
  • Webmasters
  • Small & medium website owners
  • Ecommerce website
  • Web site designers


SEO is important for three reasons, to gain traffic to your website, to rank you on page 1 of all search engines, and to build you valuable back links to make people aware of your website and what it offers. SEO markets your website in a sense. To show you the importance of SEO, over 85% of people who visit a website viewed that website from a page 1 search result, over 90% of internet users do various search engine queries, over 350 million searches are done daily in the USA, a growing 70% ++ of all online transactions start from a search engine query. With over 4 billion websites competing for business in some manner, only those websites listed on a page 1 search engine query will gain the business.


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