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In order to become successful as a project manager you must manage the major four fundamental areas of a project: resources, time, money, and scope. Each is interconnected, and each must be handled effectively for a project to be completion as requested in content and on time. So what skills are required for a person to be a successful project manager? Communication, listening and gathering customer/user/departmental inputs, simplifying complex issues, preparing brief for executives, preparing complex technical reports, the ability to influence people to get things done, and negotiation skills are just a few skills you must have if you wish to be professional as a project manager. This workshop will help you build the skills necessary to be an effective, respected project manager.


  • Handling the project procedure and subject matter experts
  • Establishing a practicable and attainable project plan
  • Working with a project constraints
  • Initiating Your Project
  • Submitting a powerful, well-written application, a project framework for success
  • Recognizing the project life cycle phase and the major inputs and outputs
  • Typical challenges of project management
  • Choosing and applying industry wide best practices
  • Understanding the basics: project leadership skills
  • Creating and maintaining team effectiveness
  • Describing project objectives
  • Identifying and describing project goals
  • Describing project deliverables
  • Organizing the objective-setting meeting
  • Getting the buy-in from stakeholders
  • Effectively delegating the workload of the project.
  • Spelling the plan out to a task by task level
  • Evaluating the first cut of project costs
  • Efficient ways to create better estimates
  • Distinguishing between work, duration and resources
  • Preparing the project
  • Identifying the significant path tasks
  • Evaluating the project duration
  • Establishing a timeline for the project
  • Scheduling key milestones to track and maintain the project
  • Building a risk management trigger point procedure
  • Recognizing the project risks and supposition
  • Calculating risk influence
  • Tactics for risk management
  • Decreasing the risks through contingency plans
  • Efficiently balancing resources to work
  • Recognizing the resources that your project needs
  • Examining resource use and the scheduled cost
  • Prioritizing the use of resources
  • Arranging and agreeing on task contracts
  • Managing the Project
  • Creating an effective control procedure
  • Building change control process
  • Providing the project plan for approval
  • Setting the scheduled baseline
  • Executing the plan
  • Assessing progress against the baseline
  • Identifying the warnings of trouble ahead
  • Collaborating with team members to increase productivity
  • Tracking and reporting progress
  • Real task performance
  • Keeping away from the 95%-complete trap
  • Adjusting and enhancing a schedule: Gaining more buy-in
  • Discussing the project status to stakeholders
  • Handling the project conclusion.
  • The rewards of post implementation feedbacks


A project manager is mainly involved from the beginning of a project all the way to its conclusion. To so do they must rely on their diverse knowledge of the organization, department, and inter-departmental relationships to ensure the project is completed in full and on time. All these skills are learned through training, education and experience, so let Skills Training Toronto help you achieve those skills.


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