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Project management is a method of planning, arranging, and sustaining resources to ensure the accomplishment of a particular project goals and objectives. Project management is an extensive process that requires the participation of many people and that a well-organized plan is followed.
In accordance to a recent managerial project study held in the UK, only 29% of all IT projects were totally successful, about 23 % were a failure, just over 45% were over budget, and an outstanding 65% were not even completed on time. The figures may surprise you, so now ask yourself was this a result of poor management of projects, poor managerial skills in general. In simple terms if a person were to have excellent project management skills, a project should be on time and be successful. On the other hand if a person has poor project management skills, money, time, staffing errors, process errors, planning errors or communication errors will create huge confusions and delays for a project.
Now what makes a project successful and a project unsuccessful, it simple, you have the have the right resource, the right skills and good leadership direction? Resources and skills can become a core reason for a project failure. Inappropriate allocation of resources can also result to a mistaken utilization of skills.


  • Describe essential terms of project management
  • Recognize the project management life cycle
  • Know the project management information areas
  • Establishing a project commencement
  • Project scope and stakeholder expectations
  • Understanding the positions and duties of project stakeholders
  • Creating an effective WBS and project schedule
  • Gaining that all important buy-in
  • Recognize, evaluate, enumerate, alleviate, and manage risks
  • Establishing project management plans for excellence, communication,
  • resources, and stakeholder management
  • Finalizing a project
  • Creating Project
  • Management Teams
  • Delegating and Empowering Team Members with project duties
  • Responsibility Assignment Matrix
  • Describing Assumptions and Constraints
  • Interactive Planning
  • Project Risk management
  • Transformation Management Planning
  • Building the Scheduled Project
  • Controlling the Project


  • The advantages of project management are huge. The benefits of taking this workshop are huge from a corporate ROI perspective and to showcase your own project managerial skill sets:
  • Project management offers a “roadmap” that can be followed
  • Enhanced/improved/better customer contentment: each time you get a project done on time and below budget, the client goes away happy
  • A fulfilled client is a long term client
  • A smart project manager creates a continuous relationship between themselves and their clients/manager.
  • Improved efficiency in delivering services/products promised in project scope
  • Enhanced skills growth and development among your team and yourself
  • Gain a competitive edge in the present marketplace.
  • Improved Flexibility for you to create a strategy and take on a specific path of competition
  • Trigger Points Risk Evaluation : Good project management signals you of red flag
  • situations at the most opportune time, even before you which to work on project to completion
  • Boost in quality, efficiency, and quantity: Usually the result of better efficiency is a simple reminder concerning the advantages of project management.


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