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Budgets and forecasts give you a probability analysis. They can support the development of a business model, evaluate your main suppositions, and provide you the ability to recognize required resources and required capital. Budgets and forecasts can be also utilized in finding funding. They show the possibility of your business to investors and lenders, managers and vice presidents. Budgets and forecasts can also be used as a management tool. They can assist you in creating landmark outlooks and in turn responsibilitie’s for achieving this landmark. Budgets and forecasts can aid you to recognize risks and demonstrate standardization. Budgets and Forecasts are essential for any business.


Towards the end of this training the attendee will be willing to identify the principles, techniques, and practices appropriate to every business entity Recognize how budgeting principles, techniques, and practices can be effectively used for your business as well as analyze the use of your company budget forms
Analyze the use of your company budget forms
Day 1
  • Analyze your company’s current budget, manager’s budget, budget forms, pre-budgeting activity and budgeting procedure
  • Identify intrinsic challenges with your companies budgeting procedures
  • Analyze how your budget plans permit you for the incidence of intrinsic challenges
  • Differentiate and recognize the “must” factors when planning a budget
  • Analyze your budget plans to decide if these factors have been realized
  • Recognize and describe effective budgetary expectations/results
  • Decide what controls those results
Day 2
  • Recognize costs and cost drivers. Eliminate the unwanted
  • How to arrange your budgetary plans for urgency.
  • Identify resourceful tools in defeating planning insecurities
  • Recognize external environmental elements
  • Recognize unmanageable elements in your company
  • Effectively discuss budgetary opportunities and challenges
  • Identify the three bases of budget numbers
  • Identify the main questions that must be resolved before revenue forecasting
  • Different types of capital expenses and how they should be balanced
  • Gaining budget approval


This workshop is directed at management workers and their assistants who work with budgeting procedures. (This is a two-day training which can be customized for a one-day training.)


Perhaps you do not realize the impact and power that a well-design budget has on your business performance. A well designed, and accurate budget has the ability to put you in the driver’s seat, as it is the budget itself that can make a path for your departments, or your organization’s goal for financial prosperity. This workshop will help make your budgets more approximate, more functional, and simple to understand, essentially an easy-to-use summary that will ensure business success.


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Course Fee: $795 per person        

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