Training Needs Analysis: Evaluation and Metrics

TRAINING NEEDS ANALYSIS: EVALUATION AND METRICS 1 Day Or 2 Day workshops Enrol into Workshop Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is used to evaluate an organization’s training requirements. The basis of the TNA is the gap analysis. This is known as an assessment of the gap between the current knowledge, skills and attitudes assessment that individuals […]

The Successful Training Manager

Training & Development Manager: Making an Impact in your organization 1 Day Or 2 Day workshops Enrol into Workshop Being a Training and Development Manager can have its fair share of challenges, one of them being proving that your training initiatives made a difference in the field. This workshop focuses on what it takes to […]

The Employee Manager Relationship

The Employee Manager Relationship 1 Day workshops Enrol into Workshop The manager-employee relationship has a significant influence on employee-manager performance in any organization. Unfortunately, that’s why some companies ignore the emphasis of training to help managers create a connection with their staff.If you reviewed exit-interviews, the research demonstrates that some employees abandon their work solely […]

Time Management: Managing Schedules and Timelines

Managing Schedules and Timelines 1 Day workshops Enrol into Workshop Time management is an important aspect of everyday life. It sounds obvious, and a lot of people feel they already have great time management skills, but there are a number of advantages for those who excel in good time management, that end up saving you […]

Team Building Excellence

TEAM BUILDING EXCELLENCE 1 Day workshops Enrol into Workshop If you want to have a team oriented environment, you need to be a team leader; you need to learn how to gain the trust and respect of your employees before team work can ever exist. Being a good team leader requires motivational skills, coaching skills […]

Purchase Management 101

Purchase Management 101 1 Day workshops Enrol into Workshop PURCHASING SKILLS: JUST THE ESSENTIALS The act of buying goods and services calls for a specific set of skills called purchase negotiation skills. Since the purchasing department of an average company utilizes 40 to 60 percent of each income dollar on replenishing its own commodities, from […]

Project Management Skills: Multi-Tasking Advanced

PROJECT MANAGEMENT SKILLS: MULTI-TASKING ADVANCED 1 Day workshops Enrol into Workshop In order to become successful as a project manager you must manage the major four fundamental areas of a project: resources, time, money, and scope. Each is interconnected, and each must be handled effectively for a project to be completion as requested in content […]

Project Management Skills 101

Project Management Skills 101 1 Day workshops Enrol into Workshop Project management is a method of planning, arranging, and sustaining resources to ensure the accomplishment of a particular project goals and objectives. Project management is an extensive process that requires the participation of many people and that a well-organized plan is followed.In accordance to a […]

People Management Skills

People Management Skills 1 Day workshops Enrol into Workshop Still wondering what the most significant benefit of managerial leadership training is. Keep reading you will find out. Being part of this Leadership training workshop will bring out the real manager in you. It will enable you to improve and you will get in touch with […]

Negotiation Skills: Advanced

Negotiation Skills: Advanced 1 Day workshops Enrol into Workshop This advanced workshop is designed for people who have acquired some knowledge of negotiation who then desire to improve their existing skills with advanced negotiation techniques. In this workshop we utilize video- role playing and group evaluation. With this in mind, the workshop is limited from […]

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