Purchasing Skills: Just the Essentials

PURCHASING SKILLS: JUST THE ESSENTIALS 1 Day workshops Enrol into Workshop The act of buying goods and services calls for a specific set of skills called purchase negotiation skills. Since the purchasing department of an average company utilizes 40 to 60 percent of each income dollar on replenishing its own commodities, from raw materials to […]

Procurement Training 101

PROCUREMENT TRAINING 101 1 Day workshops Enrol into Workshop The methods for purchasing have been modified automatically over the past decades. Departments share the responsibility for procurement in “non-customary” areas such as healthcare benefits, fleet management, facilities and construction, temporary labor, and travel. Purchasing Policies and Strategies are mainly part of a senior management level, […]

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Training Initiatives

EVALUATING THE EFFECTIVENESS OF TRAINING INITIATIVES 1 Day Or 2 Day workshops Enrol into Workshop The subject of training and evaluation has been, and still is among the most debatable arenas in organizational efficiency. Training costs so much it’s no longer bankable to allege its results cannot be warranted in advance and quantified. This seminar […]

Budgeting Workshop for Managers

BUDGETING WORKSHOP FOR MANAGERS 1 Day workshops Enrol into Workshop Budgets and forecasts give you a probability analysis. They can support the development of a business model, evaluate your main suppositions, and provide you the ability to recognize required resources and required capital. Budgets and forecasts can be also utilized in finding funding. They show […]

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